By | May 16, 2018
What iis seo contant

The content written in the Webpage contributes significantly to bringing any website into the google ranking. Creating your blog without the valuable content is useless, and without that your webpage is in a search result, it is said that content is the heart of SEO itself. The first and the last purpose of bloggers should be to present good content to their readers, so that once the reader reaches your webpage, then do not feel like going to another page. To reduce the Bounce Rate, it is very important that you complete your webpage with SEO friendly content.

For example, check This is a very famous blog from India. From here you can see how quality content is written.

It was a matter of fact that we should make a webpage with a good content, but now the question arises, how do we write it that rank and give more traffic to us. For this I am giving a few tips for you to hope that this will help you to write a webpage with good content –

What to do to write quality content:

1- You should write a reliable article, that means whatever information you give in your page should be accurate and full of facts.

By the way, it is a bit difficult to find out for search engines, which article is valuebal, but it has certain content quality parameters which are given below-

  • Does this content solve a problem?
  • Does it answer a question?
  • Does it provide entertainment?
  • Does it provide unique, expert insight?

Before writing the article, enough research and information should be gathered on that topic.

3- Before writing anything Keyword Research must be done indefinitely, and it should be used effectively and correctly in writing.

4- The title of the post is selected which not only meets the subject, but also attracts the attention of visitors.

5- Write at least 700 words to post, so you can understand your point.

6- By dividing the article into different paragraphs, you can easily explain your point of view to blog readers.

7- Image and video should be used properly in your page. Without any image and video, no page can become a quality page. How to make SEO friendly image

8- Use sufficient amount of links in the page, these links should be both type of internal and external.

9- Your page should be mobile friendly, because today 60% of internet users are online from mobile.

10- We should take care of the following in optimal content formatting-Bolds and italics;

  • Short, concise sentences and paragraphs;
  • Bullet points and numbered lists;
  • Appropriate use of white space; and
  • Headers and sub- headers to break up long chunks of text.

1- You are not copying someone else’s webpage, if you are doing this then surely you will get caught and you can get copy wright claim.

3- There should be no grammar or spelling mistakes in your article.

4- You should not write your article only for search engine, i.e. not only use sapammy keywords.

4- You should check about keyword density. More keywords should not be used as necessary. This leads to keyword stuffing, which is wrong for SEO. 5- Page should not use more links, call to action as required.